Apart from listed company, COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) is engaged in other businesses including expressways, information technology, industrial manufacturing, freight services, property management, etc., through the following non-listed companies. They are:

COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Industry & Trade Ltd.

Industry & Trade manages and operates investment projects in areas of expressways, industry, information technology and energies, etc.

COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Freight Service Limited

COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Freight Service provides shipping agency service and freight forwarding.

COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Property Development Limited

Property Development is mainly engaged in the development of property leasing, residence, small sized commercial hotel together with support services related to travel services.

Beijing COSCO SHIPPING Investment Co., Ltd.

Beijing COSCO SHIPPING Investment is engaged in the project investment in Mainland China, including office lease, high-end property management, hotel management; and automobile integrated services, etc.