Mr. Ma Jianhua visited COSCO SHIPPING Lines

Oct 14, 2020

On the morning of October 12th, Mr. Ma Jianhua, the Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong, and his party visited COSCO SHIPPING Lines and exchanged views with Mr. Yang Zhijian the Chairman and General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Lines and Party Secretary Mr. Qian Weizhong.

Mr. Ma Jianhua briefly introduced the company's production and operation this year, and on behalf of the company, he expressed gratitude to COSCO SHIPPING Lines for its support in all aspects.

The two parties conducted in-depth communication on promoting in-depth business cooperation, strengthening corporate culture construction, and talent team building. Both parties expressed that they would further strengthen communications and cooperation, promote work coordination, and work together to contribute to the promotion of the group's high-quality development.

The heads of relevant departments of both parties attended the meeting.