A delegation led by Mr. Zhu Jianhui visited sister companies in Shanghai

Mar 02, 2021

Recently, a delegation led by Mr. Zhu Jianhui, Chairman and Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., visited nine sister companies in Shanghai, including COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd., COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd., COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd., COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., COSCO SHIPPING (Shanghai)Co., Ltd., COSCO SHIPPING Seafarer Management Co., Ltd., Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company, COSCO SHIPPING Technology Co., Ltd. and COSCO SHIPPING Captive Insurance Co., Ltd..


Mr. Zhu Jianhui expressed his gratitude to everyone for their sincere supports to COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong), and initiated the discussion of strengthening the synergies and expansion of the scope of cooperation. Also, Mr. Zhu shared his views on the development direction which aligning COSCO SHIPPING’s “the Three Linkages” and China’s “14th Five-Year Plan”.


The delegation led by Mr. Zhu Jianhui received warm welcome the major leaders whom agreed the importance of aligning China’s “14th Five-Year Plan” to strengthen their competitive edges for greater synergies, mutual success, and to set a precedent of high quality development.


Mr. Liu Xianghao and Mr. Wang Guorong, both the Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong), Mr. Jia Guangchao, the Assistant to Chairman and General Manager of Human Resources Division, Mr. Su Xiaodong, Investment Director and General Manager of Capital & Investment Operation Division, Mr. Gao Yongjun, General Manager of Shipping Services Division have joined the delegation