Mr.Zhu, Jianhui visited COSCO SHIPPING Tianjin

Sep 10, 2020

On September 9th, The Chairman and President of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong Mr. Zhu, Jianhui, and Vice President Mr. Liu, Xianghao, visited COSCO SHIPPING Tianjin, and met with Mr. Wang Ran, Chairman of the Board , Party Secretary and General Manager, Mr. Liu, Yaxiang, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zheng Rui, Assistant General Manager, etc.

The two parties reviewed the cooperation over the years and agreed that the two units have deep historical connections and unique cooperation conditions. Mr. Wang Ran introduced the basic situation and development of COSCO SHIPPING Tianjin since its inauguration and the 14th Five-Year plan. Mr. Zhu, Jianhui introduced the basic situation of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong. He believes that as one of the group’s long-established companies, COSCO SHIPPING Tianjin has a very good foundation in talents, management, resources, etc., and hopes that both parties can find specific projects and large business activities as soon as possible. With a good point of convergence, we will further promote the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, so as to take mutual supplement of advantages of each other. The two parties also conducted in-depth discussions on the direction of cooperation and related projects.

Mr. Su, Xiaodong, the Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong Capital & Investment Operation Division accompanied the visit.