Mr. Zhu, Jianhui, the Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong visited COSCO SHIPPING Property

Sep 03, 2020

On September 3rd, The Chairman and President of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong Mr. Zhu, Jianhui, and Vice President Mr. Liu, Xianghao visited COSCO SHIPPING Property, and had a meeting with Mr. Yan, Lihao, the Chairman and General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Property.

Mr. Yan, Lihao welcomed the visit of Mr. Zhu, Jianhui and his entourage, introduced the company's overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, project construction and goals and tasks of this year, and showed gratitude to COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong and other shareholder units for their strong support for the development of COSCO SHIPPING property.


Mr. Zhu, Jianhui hopes that both parties will continue to use their respective advantages in the future, strengthen communication, further expand cooperation channels, build a closer partnership, and achieve win-win cooperation.


Mr. Su, Xiaodong, the Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong Capital & Investment Operation Division, and Mr. Gao, Yongjun, the Managing Director of Shipping Services Division accompanied the visit.