COSCO SHIPPING International Hong Kong sets up "Breastfeeding Friendly Space"

Oct 08, 2020

In a joint effort with UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children's Fund, COSCO SHIPPING International Hong Kong has successfully set up a "Breastfeeding Friendly Space" to provide a suitable and friendly place for employees in need.

The space provides tables, chairs, paper towels, and electric sockets, ect. Mothers can hang the signs of "Mother's Time" and "Please Wait" at the door to remind other employees that the place is occupied. UNICEF also provides the ‘Mommy’s Time Back in 30 Minutes’ plate for employees to put on their desks to inform other colleagues.

The Company highly recognizes natural breastfeeding. By supporting the means, the Company shows strong support for children's rights and corporate social responsibility, which also enhances employees' sense of belonging. The Company has also formulated specific guidelines to support mothers during the process, and requires other employees to understand the guidelines and provide help if needed.

The ‘Say Yes to Breastfeeding’ campaign was first launched in 2015. It is a large-scale community event organized by the UNICEF Hong Kong Committee and co-organized by the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau and the Department of Health. It aims to raise public awareness of the support needed by breastfeeding mothers. Since the launch of the campaign, it has received enthusiastic support from all around. So far, more than 653 workplaces and 178 places have obtained the "Breastfeeding Friendly" certification.